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Outbound sales development is a key element of any business, and getting outreach wrong can be fatal for startups. That’s why outsourced b2b lead generation services like Convert.AI exist: to discover and develop quality leads that turn into high-value sales.

A common question from founders is what their investment is actually paying for, and what sort of service and results they will see. Here’s what you can expect from a partnership with Convert.AI.

What Does Convert.AI Do?

At Convert.AI, we help companies grow as fast as possible by generating as many good leads as possible. We are as specific as possible, starting with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to drill down into exactly who your target audience is.

Generally, our partners target 3-5 customer profile segments, and we tailor our approach to our partners’ unique needs. One of our partners, The Dyrt, targeted three specific customer profiles among midsize and enterprise businesses and needed support skipping ramp time and getting out in front of the competition. Whereas Transect, a B2B SaaS company, was focused on customers across a broad range of industries and roles, so thoughtful, highly-targeted messaging was the key to campaign success.

What B2B Lead Generation Services do Convert.AI Offer?

Our services are designed to help you identify quality prospects and high-value revenue sources, which your cash flow will thank you for. The backbone of our offering is list building. That is, identifying prospective customers well suited to your organization’s product or service. We filter by a number of parameters including industry, location, company size, and job titles, among other variables.

We also offer a full-fledged done-for-you service. In addition to building a list of sales-ready leads, this service also includes messaging. We’ve made millions of calls and sent millions of emails and we leverage everything we’ve learned from this experience to build copy decks, email messaging, and phone scripts that we know works. With our insight, our partners can skip the learning curve associated with building an in-house sales development team and get started leveraging those best practices from day one.

What Types of Companies Does Convert.AI Work With?

At Convert.AI we work with seed-stage startups and A companies all the way up to the likes of Microsoft, Adecco, and Koch Industries. Generally, businesses that outsource lead generation to us have higher-ticket offerings which include software, managed services, or a blend of both. They sell to midsize, enterprise organizations and are targeting a large addressable market. The majority of our partners are selling at higher deal sizes with a minimum lifetime customer value of $15,000.

Our Approach

Our approach is proven to work for our partners. We booked 100 demos in just six months for Blank Slate and PitchVantage saw a 315% lift in lead velocity and Convert.AI had paid for itself in just three months.

Generally, our approach is fairly uniform from company to company. We work backward from our partners’ best existing customers to identify their ideal customer profiles. We look at which clients they’d clone if they could, by identifying who represents the most value and are the most enjoyable to work with. We tap into this internal insight that our partners have already built to pattern-match these companies’ characteristics with the aim of identifying prospects that have the same traits. We look at data points including the title of the person they sold to, the title of any influencers involved in the sale, and other characteristics including company size, growth, and fundraising activities.

How Does Convert.AI Generate Leads?

We use a blend of email, social media, and phone-based outbound lead generation campaigns. We use these mediums multiple times until we hear back from a prospect or exhaust a campaign.

The most important element for generating these leads is a dialed-in list made up of accurate direct phone lines and email addresses. The other variable is the professionalism, quality, and personalization of the messaging, scripting and copywriting that’s involved in our outreach. This is important because copy that’s annoying or impersonal can alienate potential customers. The quality of the caller is also important to the success of campaigns. Finding someone with the right voice maturity who can listen intently while being assertive and self-aware all at the same time can be tough for startups, but our experienced team of sales professionals has been hired based on this skill set.

What Types of Leads Does Convert.AI Generate?

All of the qualified leads we generate are comprehensive and high quality. We always supply the following information, along with any other relevant data points worth emphasizing:

  • Company
  • Full name
  • Title at the company
  • Direct phone line
  • Email address
  • Context from our conversation

For our partners that choose our done-for-you solution, each lead is a booked meeting which translates to an appointment or an invitation that’s sent to our partner and the prospect that is interested in learning more about what our partner is doing.

What can a Customer Expect from a Convert.AI Engagement?

Every partner that chooses Convert.AI for their lead generation outsourcing receives a detailed daily report of all the sales activities from that day. We keep a detailed log of our process and every communication attempt and conversation so you know exactly what happened and what the next steps are. We always keep our partners in the loop so you’ll know exactly what’s happening at every stage of our outreach campaign.

Partners that sign up for our done-for-you service can also expect appointments booked in their schedule for them.

Contact us to Find out More

Convert.AI’s sales team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality leads and an industry-leading ROI for our partners. If you’re considering outsourcing lead generation, contact us to find out more about how we can start boosting your sales today.

Interested in exploring our offering, and whether we’ve helped customers in the same industry and stage as your business? Book a strategy session with one of our executives here.

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