Build your own outbound lead engine.

You don’t have to trial-and-error your way to growth

You just need to follow a proven process

We’ve helped hundreds of companies with their outbound lead generation

Clients - Outbound Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns and Representatives
Clients - Outbound Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns and Representatives
Clients - Outbound Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns and Representatives
What’s included

Outbound Playbooks

A video walkthrough you can access at any time. Get updates when new units are added to the program.

SOP Guidelines

Checklists and guidelines to build your messaging and cadences for your team.

Email Templates

The same templates and messaging the fastest growing companies are using to get 20%+ reply rates.

Ready to get started?

Generate more leads in days, not months.

Wake up to new leads​

Wake up to new, engaged leads.

Dedicated Support

We'll help you stand up a winning system.

Persona modeling

Master your buyer persona, the right way. Understand your ideal customer better than they do.

Write engaging emails

The step by step formula to write a great email.
Access email templates you can steal.

Build winning lists

Build lists using event signals to personalize your outreach.
Build solid lead lists in minutes, not hours.

Build winning sequences

Build cadences designed to drive leads through the sales funnel. Put every lead on a pathway to closed business.

Use sales engagement tools

Learn how to use the best sales tools out there.
Discover how to drive new leads while saving a lot of time.


Chris Marin

CEO at Convert

Chris is the Founder of Convert and a contributor to Forbes & Inc. He builds lead generation systems for some of the largest private and public companies on the globe. Formerly, he ran lead generation for JobHive and WithMe, companies that raised $2 million and $60 million respectively. You will learn directly from him how to build your own outbound engine. 

Aside from teaching, he likes to cook, read, and play pool one-handed.

Level up outbound sales

Outbound Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns and Representatives

Done With You Lead Generation Plan

  • Comprehensive templates and SOPs
  • Guided Set Up and Support
  • Outbound email templates
  • Tooling provisioned for you
  • Emails provisioned for you
  • Custom campaigns built for for you

Your questions,

This is for anyone who is serious about sending emails to engage new B2B customers. 

These methods have been developed through trial and error over the last decade, to help you bypass the usual 6-12 month learning curve usually involved in figuring out outbound lead generation.

Anyone focused on growth — Founders, VP’s, and Directors, Managers, and the Representatives who generate new leads for SaaS, Services, and Agencies.

If you email to sell or generate leads, you will get value from this program. And save a lot of time. 

Outlook, GMail, and other Email Service Providers are getting more aggressive by the day, increasingly sending emails to spam. This costs companies like Brex and Canva millions in lost revenue. Your prospects also get no shortage of emails.

You have to get more creative now than ever to make sequences effective, and we’ll show you exactly how.

These tactics have been proven to work with companies that sell into Software, AI, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Training, Learning & Development, Fintech, HR, Recruiting, and other industries.

Results always depend on factors within your control (execution, drive) and market landscape. but we aim to help you generate at least $250-500k per year from our system. 

Below are the biggest hurdles for clients who aren’t successful: 
Small market (thousands of potential clients, not tens of thousands). 
Unproven sales process (pre-revenue startups aren’t ready for us yet) 
Deal size too small (we can’t help companies that charge max. $200/mo)

If you are any of these, you’re not the right fit for us (yet 🙂  


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