Spintax is a tool for producing several distinct variantions of a message using different word selections and placeholders. As a result, you can send customized emails at scale without triggering spam filters or getting reported for duplicate content.The spintax expression “Hi|Hello|Hey there|you” for instance might be spun into “Hi there,” “Hello there,” “Hey there,” “Hi you,” “Hello you,” or “Hey you.” An email with just a few such variations can create millions or even billions of alternate messages as a results. This is great for email deliverability!

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We’ve written compelling copy for some of the fastest growing companies on the globe, and our results speak for itself.

Because it sends more emails to the main inbox. Which lifts open rates. Which boosts demo and appointment rates! Simple as that. If you want to set more meetings, you need to use spintax.

Subject lines, email bodies, wedding invites, the choice is yours :)

What else do I need to know? 

Spintax is just one element of many factors that make for a strong campaign. The others? For starters, they include a golden lead list, solid messaging, scripting, and copy. Perhaps equally important is rotation and inbox deliverability monitoring. You also need to have the right people running the right playbooks to get the most mileage out of an outbound campaign. If you get any of these wrong, it could be the difference between 3 appointments per month and 30 per month. 

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